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Latim History
Latim Letai is a high-end casting integrated non stick cooker brand. In 2020, with more than 20 years of experience in serving international first-line kitchenware, Letai team established an exclusive and independent domestic brand - Letai latim.
The Latim group is committed to healthy cooking, intelligent control, safety management, Internet plus smart family, and creates a lightweight and integrated cooking utensil product that is truly created in China. All products are designed by Letai's independent designer team with originality. After countless times of detail polishing, they are finally available. We hope to make more people fall in love with healthy intelligent cooking in the kitchen through a good product design of intelligent cooking utensils. Truly experience letaizhi and enjoy life!
When cooking, latim founder found that when cooking, even if you follow the recipe, you don't know how much water is appropriate? You still need to squat in the kitchen and watch the pot, afraid to leave and do other things, afraid to forget the dishes in the pot and burn them dry? The pot is too heavy, and it's hard for my wife to cook?
So what kind of pot can solve our cooking pain points without affecting our cooking experience while maintaining a simple and high-end appearance and light weight?
The idea of making a set of intelligent kitchenware to remind us all the time appears. In this way, latim Letai brand was born.
Pure domestic , 100% intelligent manufacturing in China
Truly understand the healthy and intelligent cooker brand of Chinese people.
Latim Design Team
Arthur xia
Senior Product Designer
Graduated from the industrial design major of Xuzhou Institute of engineering, engaged in the hardware commodity design industry for more than 10 years, and obtained 10 utility model patents and 30 appearance design patents. It has won one German redot product design award, one international c-idea product design award and five CF awards for export product design at the domestic Canton Fair. Lead the team to develop annual flagship products for Nanlong group, define product PI and complete series product design. Have a certain understanding of product material / technology / process and modeling trend.

Engaged in cooking utensils industry for nearly 4 years, with unique product R & D ideas, upgrading and transformation of series products formulated for different markets. Do enough preliminary research and development work for brand products to gain a firm foothold when they enter the market
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